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header("Location: page.php target=_parent")???

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On Fri, 2005-03-25 at 08:57, Jacques wrote:

> How should I formulate the header function to replace the current frameset

> page with a new one? I have tried a combination of header("Location:

> page.php target=_parent"); but I get an error message saying the page does

> not exist.

> Also, can I save a frameset page with a .php extension? I have tried it o


> and it seems to work. Maybe perhaps I should not do this as there may be

> some implications later on?

'header' send raw http headers of which 'target' is NOT a part of. Use

plain html to do it ot post a better description of what your trying to

do. Surely there is a way to accomplish it but perhaps not along the

same lines of thought your current pursing.


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